Our flowers ...

A wide selection of flowers trends, made with the utmost care!

Our bouquets are made with harmony in both forms, in colors and flavors and are all unique. The bouquets can be round or height thanks to our wide selection of flowers to the room and their long stems.

Create a bouquet is an art, floral art, and requires a real know-how.

By being at your disposal our achievements flowers take their value!

Choose your flowers to suit your interior or that of your family or friends you give flowers. Decorating your home is thus magnified by the presence of flowers.

Depending on your taste and your choice of flowers, bouquets can have several meanings. Opportunity to offer a bouquet of flowers have grown and are now very numerous.

Mahonia is questioned constantly following new floral trends and offers wonderful flowers constantly renewed: bridal bouquet, bouquet birth bouquet champagne, chocolate bouquet, bouquet tennis, birthday bouquet ...

Before making a bouquet, the flowers should be defoliated, cut and bevel into the water with cut flower food.

To achieve a smooth round bouquet, florists follow a rigorous and precise ritual always based on their know-how acquired during their training florist: Striptease prepare flowers stems, foliage prepare by removing the leaves on the lower stems , starting with the so-called noble flowers, foliage wedge insert flowers, bouquet always turn in the same direction to form a bundle, and finally complete the bouquet of flowers by a round foliage for a well-rounded and visual aesthetics.

We buy fresh flowers, seasonal flowers and assemble the best blend for long-lasting bouquets. Depending on the season, fashion trends, frequently changing tastes of our customers, we must always adapt and find the right inspiration for floral creation that will delight you. Each flower is unique and magic florist fact that together express the flowers.

Florist Mahonia constantly reinventing her floral creations to satisfy you !