Florist ... A trade happiness for you!

Our qualified team of florists specializing in the care of cut flowers, making bouquets and floral arrangements and original trends. The Central Purchasing Mahonia supplies us several times a week, our choice of flowers is always made according to the seasons. This allows us to obtain a report quality / freshness / optimal price to satisfy our customers.

Mahonia Your Florist is a local trader: he receives flowers, prepare. He knows perfectly how to keep cut flowers. He loves flowers and plants, a precise knowledge of maintaining them. Our florist shop are graduates.

In store, we strive to provide you with a clear, readable, original fresh flowers that bloom in the best conditions: it facilitates your purchase of flowers.

The quality of our team of florists can meet your needs, your desires and we take great pleasure to participate in important events of your life.

Our florists can advise you or give free rein to your imagination, this is how you are happy with your choice floral final.

Our concept is both marked by 100% Mahonia products, but also creativity constantly renewed for florists who make you custom bouquets.